Exporting references from Dspace in BibTeX format

Following on from our design decision to use BibTeX as a lowest common denominator reference export format, we have developed a simple BibTeX reference export utility for Dspace 4.3.

Essentially, it simply takes the Dublin Core object description and translates it to a BibTeX style reference with the object type, for example @article for a research paper being set on the basis of the dc.type metadata field.

As a further refinement we are using the object handle as the label which would give us an entry that looks something like this:

author = {Collins, Wilkie},
title = {Testing Methodologies},
journal = {The Journal of Important Things},
year = {2014}

Testing and development is ongoing, but our test sparse entries import successfully into Zotero and JabRef


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IT professional, ex research psychologist, blogger, twitterer, and amateur classical and medieval historian ...
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